Today (4) massive dengue eradication work in Puttalam city..!

Today was declared Dengue Eradication Day in Puttalam city by the trilateral leaders.

Under the guidance of Puttalam Mayor MSM Rafeek, massive dengue eradication activities were carried out by the city council today.

Most of the shops in the city were closed. Volunteers also joined hands with the municipality in these works.

Due to the continuous rains in the country, the number of dengue patients has increased significantly across the country.
The incidence of dengue disease is also increasing in Puttalam area and more patients are being admitted to the hospitals and they are facing many difficulties.

Considering this, Puttalam Urban Council, Puttalam Grand Mosque, Puttalam Health Officer Office, Puttalam Jamiatul Ulama branch and the three forces have jointly called for this program with the aim of controlling dengue.

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